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So you’ve decided that you need to see your beloved EReader device in the flesh before making that crucial decision but are unsure on who stock’s it? No problem! I’ve done the research for you to give you a list of stores where you can buy a Kindle or other EReader devices in Australia.



This store has got a variety of Kindle devices including Kindle Paperwhite, Oasis and Voyage at fairly competitive prices. The also stock a few cases, although this is only for the Kindle Paperwhite


At the time of writing, these were the prices:jb hi-fi

Kindle Paperwhite – $169

Kindle Voyage – $299

Kindle Oasis – $449

Kindle 6” – $109



One of my favourite stores in the land down under. Another good selection of devices but no cases I’m afraid. The plus point from buying from Officeworks though is that their return policy is excellent.


officeworksAt the time of writing, these were the prices:

Kindle Paperwhite – $169

Kindle Paperwhite Wifi and 3G – $247

Kindle Voyage – $294

Kindle Oasis – $449

Kindle Touch – $89



At this time BigW is only stocking the Kindle touch at $89. They do have a variety of cases to protect the device



No Kindle’s I’m afraid but they do stock Kobo’s if you’re keeping your options open as to what EReader device to buy.


At the time of writing, these were the prices:

Kobo Aura H20 – $239.95

Kobo Aura One – $349.95

Kobo Aura 2nd Edition – $159.95


Not Sure Which Device To Buy?

This can certainly be a challenge as on the face of it they can all look alike. The help you with this decision, I have reviewers on the Kindle Oasis, Voyage and Paperwhite as well as the Kobo Aura H20. There’s also a handy comparison table so you can compare features side by side.


I hope this post was useful and would love to hear from you if there are other places to buy Kindle’s from.

My name is James and I'm the founder on BestEReadersOnTheMarket.com. I wanted to create a site that makes it easy for people to choose what's the right EReader for them out of the hundreds of choices though writing in-depth reviews and guides.



Great summary of all the good places to buy a Kindle in Australia! They are all almost the same price so is there any difference when buying for one store compared to the other? Like warranty or discount and so on?

May 24.2017 | 10:55 am


    Hi Paulina,
    That is a great question. From what I’ve experienced so far with stores I’ve found the Officeworks has an excellent returns policy and JB HI-FI is great for getting bundle deals

    Hope this helps!

    May 24.2017 | 11:02 am


      Hi James,
      Yes, this helps! Thanks 🙂

      May 24.2017 | 11:12 am


        You’re very welcome and happy shopping!

        May 24.2017 | 11:14 am

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