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So you want to get a gift for someone and encourage them to read. Kobo gift cards are ideal for this. So where can you actually buy these from? Before I dive into this I just wanted to clarify what the gift card can be used to purchase


What can I buy with a Kobo Gift Card?

So unlike the Amazon Kindle gift card, Kobo gift cards can only be used to purchase Ebooks. This means it cannot be used to purchase any EReaders or accessories for that matter. This is useful information to know as it will determine how much you want to spend on a gift card if it can only used for books.


Where can I buy kobo gift cards

The most obvious place is the Kobo store. The store does only sell eGift cards so if you want a physical one, you will need to visit a store. There are pros and cons to both approach (physical cards can take days to arrive VS e-cards don’t have the same feeling as a gift but are instantaneous) so you’ll need to decide on your preference


Other online stores include:

The gift card centre

Paypal gift card


The store

If you want to have the physical gift card, there are a number of stores you can purchase them from. I’m going to focus on countries where I know you can pick these gift cards up.



  • Whsmiths



  • Target
  • Myer



  • Walmart
  • Staples
  • Best buy


Hope this article was useful and would love to get your feedback. Feel free to let me know if you know of anymore stores and I’ll add them to the list!


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Wow, thank you so much! I was looking for a eBook gift card. I will have to check into this one right away. I have a freind that I know likes eBooks, but don’t know what kind of reader she uses. This sounds like it will help me out so I don’t have to ask here now! Just to make sure, does this work with all the major readers? Thank you!

Jan 12.2018 | 03:55 pm


    Hi there,

    Glad I could help! Just wanted to clarify that these gift cards are for Kobo devices only. If you need one for a Kindle I’ve not another post in the guides section which will help you out.



    Jan 12.2018 | 11:12 pm

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