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So you want to get a gift for someone and encourage them to read. Amazon Kindle gift cards are ideal for this. So where can you actually buy these from? Before I dive into this I just wanted to clarify what the gift card can be used to purchase


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What can I buy with an Amazon Kindle Gift Card?

So even though the image will says ‘Amazon Kindle gift card’, you can actually purchase anything on Amazon using it. It’s not limited to only purchasing Kindle devices or books. Although this seems a little counter-intuitive, it has been confirmed on numerous Amazon support forums as it’s a popular question to ask.

So Where Can I Buy Them From?

Amazon’s Website

The most obvious place is from Amazon itself. So there are two types you can purchase. The physical card and the e-card. The physical card, as the name suggests is the one that’s shipped to your loved one whereas the e-card can be sent via email. There are pros and cons to both approach (physical cards can take days to arrive VS e-cards don’t have the same feeling as a gift but are instantaneous) so you’ll need to decide on your preference

The process is fairly straight forward from the Amazon site and allows to add a custom message to the sender as well as customize the card type.

For more information you can click here 


The store

If you want to have the physical gift card but don’t want to wait for Amazon to deliver it from their website, there are a number of stores you can purchase them from. I’m going to focus on countries where I know you can pick these gift cards up.



  • Toys R Us
  • RadioShack Corporate
  • Safeway
  • Staples
  • Walgreens



  • Asda
  • Tesco
  • Sainsburys
  • Wilkinsons
  • Superdrug
  • WHSmiths



  • Not available yet but coming soon as Amazon rolls out more in Auz


Hope this article was useful and would love to get your feedback. Feel free to let me know if you know of anymore stores and I’ll add them to the list!


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Hey James,
I’ve been using a Kindle for sometime due to it’s matt screen and multiple functionality. I’ve been slowly persuading my friends to use one,too! Quite a few have come over to my way of thinking,and fromreading your page it’s given me the idea to perhaps buy some of them cards as birthday gifts etc. It was a good, informative and simple read, which has helped make my mind up for me . Cheers! James

Jul 16.2017 | 11:38 am


    Hi James

    Really glad I could help here and personally I do see them as the future of reading. Good luck getting your gift card and feel free to shout out if you get it from a store not on the list.



    Jul 18.2017 | 04:50 am

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