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In today’s digital generation, technology already plays a significant part in the daily lifestyle of the millions of people all over the world. In connection to this, among the most in demand technology innovations today is the e-reader.

It is a fact that one of the most favorite hobbies of people today is reading e-books. With this, you must choose the best e-reader that can perfectly suit to your specific needs. Meanwhile, two of the most sought after e-reader devices today were the Nook Glowlight Plus and the Kindle Paperwhite. Well, let’s take a comparison about these two products.  

How Do They Look?

Both devices have sleek and elegant designs which both companies have put a lot of time and effort into. The image below is of the Kindle Paperwhite


The Nook Glowlight Plus is a dustproof and waterproof e-reader device that can meet your high standards. It is lighted with Ambient Glowlight technology and comes with 4 GB memory on board. What makes it unique over the others is that it has an elegant shiny design which is water proof and dustproof. As a result, you do not have to worry about its regular maintenance.

Another thing you can be amazed about the usefulness of this e-reader since you can read your favorite eBook even when you are in a beach for a vacation. It is a portable, durable reading device that you can use anytime and anywhere.  It has a new bookerly font for great level of readability. With this, you can now read faster without having extreme eyestrain. The good thing about it is that it also has amazing features that can improve character placement, spacing as well as page layout optimization.


At the time of writing the Nook Glowlight from Barnes and Noble was about the same price as a Kindle Voyage which makes it a little more expensive than the Kindle Paperwhite.


The Nook Glowlight Plus comes with a 1430×1080 PX 300 ppi E-Ink Carta display compared to the Kindle Paperwhite that has a 300 ppi high resolution screen that can provide you with the best and luxurious reading experience. For those of you not in the know, PPI stands for Pixels Per Inch which means the more pixels you have, the better!

User Interface

The Kindle Paperwhite has a user interface that can provide you with the highest satisfaction and happiness when it comes to your reading habits. On the other hand, the Nook Glowlight Plus has the best user interface that allows you to enjoy reading even at night. It has a guide light on the surface of display so that you can feel less strain while reading.


The size of Nook Glowlight Plus is 6” having a built-in glare, fingerprint-resistant lens, scratch which can provide you a paper-like reading experience. It has a size just like the Kindle Paperwhite.


The Nook Glowlight Plus has 6.9 oz / 195 g compared to the 7.2 oz 205 g of the Kindle Paperwhite

Formats it can read

You do not have to worry since Kindle Paperwhite is very versatile and can read various formats such as AZW, MOBI, PRC, TXT as well as PDF files. With the latter e-reader device, you do not have to convert your files; you just have to enjoy reading of your favorite eBooks. In addition to this, it is also useful in reading HTML, DOCX, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, as well as DOC through conversion.


I like the fact that you can avail a waterproof e-reader just like the Nook Glowlight Plus. Thus you can now even read while you are having fun in the beach. The latter e-reader device might be very useful since it can be easily hold with just one hand. Furthermore, it is also nice to know that you can readLikeDontLike Image everywhere without experiencing too much eye strain.

On the other hand, it will also be nice if e-reader device like Kindle Paperwhite have child friendly features that will enable them to read their books in school. In return, children can also use the device as a powerful tool to enhance their education. Finally, I would also like the fact that this device can offer you with high quality of usefulness without spending much of your hard earned money.

To sum it up both the Kindle Paperwhite and the Nook Glowlight Plus have amazing features that really provide a high level of satisfaction and happiness for those who love to read using their gadgets.


I am not convinced with an e-reader that is heavy, thus, I want to use the e-reader device to support my entertainment needs not for giving me hassle while reading. It is a fact that most customers don’t want to suffer from eye strain that is really stressing. In relation to it, I don’t like e-readers that have too much brightness that can nearly damage my eyes. For me, both Nook Glowlight Plus as well as the Kindle Paperwhite can be useful for my reading habits. Finally, I agree that the price of these two e-reader devices are just enough with the amazing features that it can provide for many eBook readers.


Honestly, I find it difficult to choose which one of the two latter e-reader devices is the better one for you. They have both amazing features that can support your reading experience. Well, based on the experience of many Amazon customers, then I prefer to choose the benefits of the Kindle Paperwhite.    

Own a Nook Glowlight Plus or Kindle Paperwhite? I’d love you hear your feedback

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Overall I found your site construct is very nice and the layout very presented. I like to read and now I have a better solution.

Of course the article you provided also awesome such as features and low prices as well as information about the products.

I will definitely bookmark your site and share to my networks.

Keep up the good work.

Thank you

Jul 10.2017 | 08:08 am


    Hi Maxx. Thanks very much for the positive feedback on the website and glad you found the article useful! Let me know if you need anymore information about either device.



    Jul 10.2017 | 10:05 pm

Matt's Mom

Just for the display alone, the Nook Glow Light Plus seems head over heels better than the Kindle. My dad has a kindle, and he loves to use it for everything. I just don’t see why he likes it so much. I also like to read in bed at night, and my son bought me a little light to use, but it is really not very substantial. So I like the light that comes in the Nook. Overall, I think it would be a better option for me.

Aug 21.2017 | 12:10 pm


    HI Matt’s Mom,

    The creators of the Nook Glow Light Plus certainly have put time and effort into the display on this one which is reflected by the features it has. Glad you found the review useful and feel free to reach out if you have anymore questions.



    Aug 21.2017 | 09:42 pm

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