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Want to know what the Latest EReader from Kobo is? Well It’s the Kobo Clara HD which was released just a couple of months ago. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new EReader from Kobo so let’s see how it stacks up against the competition.


Special Features

Natural Light Feature To Avoid Eye Fatigue

This is a nice bonus that separates this device from the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. The colour of the screen changes over the course of the day which means that it reduces the amount of blue light you’re exposed to at night. Blue light is great at keeping you awake during the day but that’s the last thing you want just before you go to bed.

The natural light feature adjusts the screen to best suit your eyes throughout the day

Now when this feature has been implemented before on other devices, it normally relies on the device having a light sensor to detect its surroundings which did drain the battery life. Kobo have come up a more novel approach which uses the internal clock to adjust the screen colour. Thinking about it, i’m surprised that other EReaders didn’t take the same approach as it’s far cheaper and easier to implement. The natural light feature can be set to automatic or manual (if you want a specific time for the screen to change colour)


The Kobo Clara HD has introduced a number of features to make the device. For a start it contains a number of international dictionaries as standard which you can ad and remove as you wish. They go one step further by having a number of translators built in which is great for those who are trying to learn a new language and need some help along the way.

Making the EReader international friendly is all round better for customers

Power Saving Features To The Rescue

The Kobo Clara HD as standard will last about 4 weeks on a single charge which is coming to be the norm these days. They’ve included a number of auto power off features where after a set period of time the device will go to sleep and eventually power off. This is a great feature for those who have a tendency to walk off or get distracted and then come back your favourite read.

You can also purchase a case for the Kobo which will auto power off the EReader when you close it and power on the device when you open it.

Pocket(™) Integration

For those who you don’t know what Pocket is, it’s a service that allows you to save articles from the web for later reading. This is great for when an article is of interest to you but don’t have the time to read it right now. Pocket is a Web Browser extension that will allow you to save those articles. These are then synchronised with you Kobo device. You can find more about Pocket here

No more hassle with trying to remember which device you bookmarked that article to. Just pick it up synchronized on you Kobo

Font Customisation

The EReader offers a great level of flexibility when it comes to customising your reading experience. There are a wealth of fonts and you can even load your own ones onto the Clara HD.  The device comes with 3 on-display sliders which allow you to customise:

  • Font Size
  • Line Spacing
  • Margins

This is a lot more flexibility than more common EReaders such as the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. The other feature to point out here is that the Kobo device allows you to compare before and after font changes rather than making the change and realising you’re not happy with it.


The final special feature to touch on here is that of security. You can actually lock your Kobo device so that it requires a pin to access it. Not many EReaders have this functionality so it’s great to see Kobo taking security seriously.

The Design

So let’s take a look at the design of the latest EReader from Kobo. It’s 6 inches in size which puts it in the same realm as the Kindle Paperwhite. They’ve gone for a full touch screen experience with the exception of the power button.

They’ve also created an easy grip back panel which has some controversy around it as it does make the product look a little unfinished. Another divisive feature here is how you charge the device. It has a USB-C port which is what most phone providers are trending towards but does make your older USB cables redundant.

Kobo have also created an promotional video which shows the look and feel in a bit more detail


Overall a nice looking design, even if it is somewhat a bit plain and generic.


Kobo have priced this EReader for those who don’t need all the bells and whistles. At the time of writing it is around the same price as the Kindle Paperwhite:

Considering it’s very similar to the Paperwhite, I feel it’s a fair price for what you get.

Some Specs To Compare Against

I’ve included some specs to compare against equivalent EReaders on the Market. The one point to call out here is that the Kobo Clara HD is a little lighter than its counterparts.

  Kobo Clara HD Kindle Paperwhite Onyx Boox Monte Cristo 3 Kindle Oasis
Size 6 Inches 6 Inches 6 Inches 7 Inches
Weight 166g 217g 205g 194g
Display 300 PPI 300 PPI 300 PPI 300 PPI
Colours available Black Black/White Grey Black

What I Like

This EReader has got a lot going for it for the price. I especially am impressed with the natural light feature which I especially found useful as a night time reader. I also like the fact their aiming their product at a more international market not only with the manual but with a number of features they have included as standard.

What I Don’t Like

Well some of you who have read my other reviews will probably have noticed that I’ve not called out the fact that it’s waterproof or has any kind of audiobook integration. Unfortunately these features are missing but given the price, i’m not entirely surprised. Also the grip on the back of EReader I could best describe as an afterthought or a little clunky when comparing it to the rest of products design.


For those of you looking for a no thrills EReader who do a lot of nighttime reading, then the Kobo Clara HD is for you. It’s also a great alternative for those of you who are not interested in Amazon Kindle products. If you’re looking for something with a few more bells and whistles you might consider the Kindle Oasis.

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Thanks for this great article on Kobo Clara reader. I did not really know what competitors were out there in the e-reader marketplace. It’s great that this reader has a translator built into it. The long battery life is great as well. I travel a lot and I don’t always want the extra hassle of remembering how much charge a device has or has not got left. Know what I mean? I like the added security upgrades as well. It seams like you get a lot of features for the price. I was just wondering if the natural light feature was the part that you liked the best?

Aug 03.2018 | 05:11 am


    Hi Glenys

    Thanks for your feedback. It really is a good alrounder device when I was comparing it to the Kindle Paperwhite. Yeah I was impressed with the security features too and look forward this to becoming standard on EReaders. I think for me the natural light feature was the the top thing that got my attention. Let me know if you have any further questions.



    Aug 05.2018 | 05:24 am


The Kobo looks like a good e-reader. I think for the price, the lack of waterproofing can be excused.

The feature to reduce eyestrain is also commendable, I wish more e-reader manufacturers would integrate this feature into their products. In today’s day and age where people are working nearly the entire day and only have leisure time in the evening, the night-mode features would certainly come in handy.

Thanks for this review!

Aug 03.2018 | 05:15 am


    Hi Delroaustira,

    Thanks very much for the comment and agreed on the waterproof front. It is a premium feature. I was really impressed with the natural light feature and agree it should become the standard. Please let me know if you have any further questions.



    Aug 05.2018 | 05:26 am

Michael Gore

Is there still a market for paper-white e-reader in the days of touchscreen smart devices? That’s an article right there.

That being said there is a kind of nice feeling to having a device only be able present the document without the distraction of a smart device.

I have Kindle Fire HD 8 and I have to say that I love it and wouldn’t swap it for a e-reader if you paid me.

However the KFHD8 is quite heavy after a while and does tend to have my wrists ache while trying to hold it up.

Great article. Thanks.

Aug 07.2018 | 03:37 pm


    HI Michael,

    Thanks very much for your comment and you do raise an interesting point. Initially when I first heard about EReaders I thought, why would anyone buy one? Phones are fine! Then I got my hands on one and realised there are significant differences which make for a much more enjoyable reading experience. 

    Great to hear you’re enjoying your Fire HD 8. Even though they’re not strictly EReader’s I’m tempted to do write a couple of reviews on them just so I can compare them against the traditional models. 

    Let me know if you have any further questions.



    Aug 23.2018 | 02:20 pm


Hi James,

I didn’t know there was so much thought put into smoothing out the light at night, but it makes sense.

I’m pretty new to e-readers overall and this definitely helps getting a deeper understanding. You bring up some solid points which I hadn’t even thought about. Using it to learn new languages never occurred to me, for instance.

The table comparison to other products is brilliant.

How does these devices work in genereal? Will I be able to take any pdf on my computer and read it through Kobo Clara HD, for instance? Sorry for the newbie question, like I said I’m pretty new to this. I’ve always relied on my computer or regular books even though I read a lot.

All the best,

Aug 16.2018 | 01:53 am


    Hi Licheus,

    Thanks very much for your comment and apologies for the delay in a response. Glad you found the comparison table useful. It was the best way I found to getting to the heart of what the various EReaders are capable of. 

    No worries on the basic questions and happy to help out where I can. So in general, they’re really easy to get the hang of as soon as you start them up. You tend to be presented with home screen with the collection of your books your have purchased (which can be done usually on the device or on the web). You can also copy PDF’s and other file types onto the device and they will be readable too (though this depends on what type of EReader you get)

    Hope this gets you started but happy to answer more questions.



    Aug 23.2018 | 02:25 pm

Chawn Bracey

Great insight on this device. This is the exact kind of comparison I was looking for. In my opinion you can’t go wrong with either of the two. However, when you do a side by side comparison. One is clearly better than the other. Thanks to this post I will be going to best buy in the morning.

Sep 07.2018 | 03:33 am


    Hi Chawn,

    Glad you found the review useful. It really is difficult to distinguish the best EReader for you when there are so many out there with similar specs. Good lunch with your purchase!



    Sep 11.2018 | 03:26 am

Clay Westfall

You know, I almost went out an bought a eReader, but decided to look at some reviews first. I had no idea how many there were out there! Thank goodness I found your website first. One of the biggest factors for me is battery life, since I like to go on long outings into the woods. Now I can make a much better decision. Thanks James!

Sep 09.2018 | 11:53 am


    Hi Clay,

    Glad I could help out here and these days it really does pay to look around for reviews just to make sure you’re getting the right device for you. Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll be happy to help out.



    Sep 11.2018 | 03:28 am

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