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Today I’ll be doing a comparison between Kobo Aura One and the Kindle Oasis to see which one comes out on top, so you can get the facts if you can’t chose between the two. If you own either of these devices I’d love to get your feedback on them so that others can make an informed choice.


This is a bit of a David versus Goliath challenge where the Kindle Oasis is certainly the underdog. Is bigger better in this scenario? The fans of the Kobo would certainly agree as they feel it’s more like reading an actual book. In this scenario the Kindle Oasis has gone for the ‘fits easily in one hand’ approach of an EReader, whereas as Kobo are looking to buck the trend here and set a new standard in BIG Ereaders.


The size of the Kobo Aura One does come at a cost. It weights almost double that of the Kindle Oasis coming in at 230 grams. This is a stark contrast to the Kindle Oasis coming in at a tiny 131 grams, making it one of the lightest EReaders on the market. Hope you’ve got strong muscles in those reading hands for the Kobo Aura One

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These devices are like chalk and cheese when you look at them side by side so it will come down to which features you value the most. The only commonalities that they share really are that they both can view Ebooks and have the ability to purchase them on the device. So let’s jump straight into the differences

The Kindle Oasis comes in two flavours; Wifi and Wifi/3G. The latter model enables you to download books on the go whilst you’re on holiday in another country (which supports the service). The Kobo Aura One only comes in a Wifi model. Not too bad if you know you’re always going to be around Wifi or purchase your books in advance of any trips.

Both devices support different formats too which is worth considering when purchasing the device. If you’re only planning to read books download from the EBook store then you’re probably fine with the Kindle Oasis. More power users might consider the Kobo Aura One

The Kobo Aura One supports:


The Kindle Oasis Supports:

Amazon Kindle books (AZW format), Microsoft Word Docs, PDF’s

The Kobo Aura One also supports renting books from your local library using a service called Overdrive. Worth checking out if your country supports this service.

You want your device to be waterproof I hear? No problem for the Kobo Aura One, but you might regret chucking the Kindle Oasis into your swimming pool whilst on holiday as sadly it is not. That said, The Kindle Oasis does make up for this by providing a ‘charge as you go’ feature which allows the device to continually charge whilst being connected to the case

The final difference I’d like to point out here is that the Kobo supports a ‘natural light’ feature which means the screen gradually changes colour over the course of the day to make reading more comfortable.

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There’s quite a price difference here if you decide to go for the Kindle Oasis Wifi/3G model. Even if you’re going for the 3G model. 

Which one comes out on top?

Really tough call to make on this one. Do I prefer the flexibility of 3G downloads that the Kindle Oasis thumbs upsupports or do I need the device to be waterproof? Do I need the screen to be massive or fit within the palm of my hand (Kindle Oasis). I think my personal preference here is to go for the Kobo as they’re trying something different here in terms of the size of the device and the features it offers.

Well hopefully you’ve found this article useful and would love to get your feedback.

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Nice comparison of the features between the Kindle Oasis and Kobo One Aura. I would also agree with your preference to go with the Kobo One Aura due to several factors you’ve mentioned. First one being, functionality that lets you borrow from your public library directly into your ereader. Very handy and awesome features to have. Second reason I have is the compatibility with more file types. The only drawback I also see is the weight of it but I guess that’s something I can ignore in exchange for the features that I look for.

Nov 30.2017 | 05:23 am


    HI Mark,

    Thanks for the reply and glad you found the article useful. Yeah am looking forward to Kobo’s really taking off next year as they’re onto something with a bigger, bolder device. Let me know if you need anymore info on either device.



    Nov 30.2017 | 10:23 am


Great comparison between the the kobo and the kindle. I understand that the kindle is a proven reader whilst the kobo is definitely the underdog.
In this situation I’d probably go with kobo too because I do personally prefer bigger devices and also because it allows the use of different file types.
I guess the weight could be a problem for some but I’m sure due to its large size the distribution of the weight should make it feel a lot lighter than it is on paper!

Dec 13.2017 | 12:49 pm


    Hi Amhil,

    Thanks for you comment. Agreed, Kindle is certainly a dominant player but think Kobo’s are really starting to take off and make some key differences so that they stand out from the crowd. In terms of size and weigh distribution, not many people have been complaining about that. It;s more of the case of getting used to the size of the device.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.



    Dec 14.2017 | 06:08 am


James. if i wanted a list of each ereaders features i could have looked those up. i wanted opinions from someone holding both ereaders. waste of my time

Dec 30.2021 | 06:52 pm


    Hi Lee,
    sorry to hear you didn’t find my review helpful. Hopefully you will find some of my other articles more useful.

    Jan 16.2022 | 08:15 pm

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