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Today’s post is a little different. After a few requests I’ve decided to write a piece comparing Amazon Kindle’s to IPads to see what’s the right one for you. I’m focusing specifically on The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite versus the IPad Pro but the majority of these similarities and differences apply broadly to the companies products. So let’s jump in!

The Purpose

The first thing to call out here is what are you planning to use the device for? Having a clear idea of this is the first step. The IPad Pro is a generic tablet that allows you to install applications to customise your experience in order to fit your need. By contrast, the Kindle Paperwhite has a fixed number of applications (EBook reader, Audiobook app and online store) which are seamlessly integrated into the device to provide a more comprehensive experience.

If you’re planning to read EBooks or listen to AudioBooks for extended periods of time then the Kindle is for you. This comes down to how the Kindle has been designed to perform a number of core functionalities but perform them well. Let’s start with the screen. The Kindle’s screen does not emit light in the same way as the IPad. The Kindle’s EInk technology makes the screen look like pages from a novel. This makes it easier on the eyes and less likely to cause eye strain when reading for extended periods of time. The IPad emits blue light which has the effect of keeping you awake for longer but this is a detriment  if you’re planning to read in bed before you go to sleep.

Kindle Paperwhite’s only emit light at night when required

If you’re planning to read for shorter periods of time and require a more flexible system then the IPad could be for you. It allows apps to be easily installed and removed to suit your needs. These can help increase productivity for those trying to get work done, or provide an entertainment platform for those looking to relax.


The next key issue to focus on is price. How much are you willing to pay for this electronic device. The difference between the two is vast. Kindle’s range between the 100$ – 200$ mark whereas the IPad, you’re looking at over a thousand dollars! Will your new IPad generate you over a thousand dollars of value to you? Something to hard to quantify but definitely worth considering before you start splashing the cash. In contrast, if you find you’ve made a mistake by purchasing a Kindle, then your out of pocket by a maximum of a couple of hundred bucks.

IPad’s are pretty flash if you’re prepared to spend to cash

Battery Life

If we’re focusing on battery life then Kindle’s win hands down. Whilst Apple has made some advancements, there’s still a way to go to match Amazon. This is mainly due to the how much light the screen needs to emit. IPad’s are generally a lot more light intensive device due to the type of apps it can run. Whereas Kindle’s only emit light during nighttime. IPad batteries tend to last about 10 hours whereas with careful usage of a Kindle means you can get about a month’s worth of battery life.


Another area where Kindle’s are a clear winner is weight. Apple’s IPad Pro comes in at 468 grams whereas the Kindle Paperwhite is just 191 grams. Yes, there is an argument to be said around people are more likely to used IPads two handed, but even still there’s still a significant weight difference. Reading on a device for an extended period of time that weighs 468 grams is going to cause discomfort.


So the IPad is DEFINITELY not waterproof so please don’t put it anywhere near water. Whereas the Kindle Paperwhite you can submerge it in 2 meters of water for up to 60 minutes with no ill effects (providing you follow their guidelines). I think the main intention here is to ensure the EReader still functions if you knock your drink over on it rather than taking it for a swim. So far I’ve not see a IPad or other tablet equivalents being waterproof. I’m guessing there just isn’t a market need for it yet.


So IPad comes out on top here. The IPad Pro comes with a decent set of integrated speakers that are just as powerful as any laptop. They also don’t have that tinny sound which normally comes across with laptop speakers. They have let themselves down on the audiojack front by removing the 3.5mm socket and replacing it with a USB C port. This means you’ll need an adaptor in order to use a standard set of headphones. Amazon doesn’t fair much better here either. There is no audiojack and you can’t use their USB C port for audio. You need to purchase Bluetooth headphones or speakers to enjoy their Audible application. It’s a shame as there’s clearly still a demand for devices to support 3.5mm audio jacks.

SAKURAKO - iPad Pro.
Convert Your IPad Into A Fully Working Keyboard! Source: MIKI Yoshihito


IPad have gone down quite an advanced route here of using face recognition to unlock the device which is pretty impressive. This works in most light settings but where it fails, there is an option to enter a pin. Amazon’s EReaders on the whole have been pretty slow to take security seriously even though it’s still a device with your personal information on it. Thankfully in the Kindle Paperwhite you can set a pin to lock and unlock the device. I think it’s going to be a very long time before we see EReaders using face recognition to unlock devices.


So Amazon have got a bad habit of stuffing their devices with Ad’s on the Kindle’s screensaver and on the homescreen with recommendations. There’s no change to this approach on the new Kindle Paperwhite unfortunately. IPad’s are ad free as standard but some of the apps you download may contain ads.

Summary Of Comparisons

The table below sums up the key points I’ve touched in this article:

Battery Life10 hours1 Month
SecurityFace Recognition & PinPin
AudioUSB-C AudioBluetooth


This is a tough one given the purposes of the devices are quite different. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced devices to read on for extended periods of time then Kindle’s are for you. If you’re willing to splash the cash a little more and want reading to be only a small part of your entertainment experience then you might want to consider getting an IPad.

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Hi James, I agree with you that the purpose of what we are looking to buy for can help everyone to choose between these two devices. I’m glad to read your article. I was thinking to invest in Kindle to spend more time reading, and now I know that the Kindle is the right choice for me. A lightweight, waterproof, longer battery, and affordable price, it seems to me great the best choice. 

Thank you for sharing this


May 28.2021 | 12:10 am


    Hi Alketa, thanks for your comment and glad you enjoyed the article. Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures with your Kindle! Let me know if you have any further questions. 

    Cheers James

    May 29.2021 | 09:00 pm

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