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Today I’m making a like for like comparison between the Amazon Kindle Voyage and the Kindle Oasis so you can get the facts if you can’t chose between the two. If you own either of these devices I’d love to get your feedback on them so that others can make an informed choice. 


This is one of the key features that differentiates the two devices. The Kindle Oasis has gone for creating a device that is the width of your hand versus the the traditional size of a typical EReader. In contrast the Kindle Voyage is about the same size as the majority of other EReaders out there.


Unsurprisingly, due to the size of the Kindle Oasis it does weigh significantly lighter than it’s counterpart, coming in at 131 grams versus the Kindle Voyage at 180 grams. Although this doesn’t sound much on the surface, this can make a difference when reading for long periods of time.


Both devices have a number of common features to them as they are made by the same company within a couple of years of production of each other.

Where the devices are the same

The devices both come in 2 varieties (3G and Wifi only model). This allows the user to decide if the user wants to pay a little more to be able to download books abroad whilst on holiday. Also both devices support setting reading challenges for your kids, allowing them to increase their vocabulary as they read. Finally, both devices support the same file formats:

Amazon Kindle books (AZW format)

Microsoft Word Docs


Where they differ

One of the key differences here is that the Kindle Oasis allows you to charge the device on the go as the case also contains a battery. This is not supported by the Kindle Voyage which has opted for supporting a hands free case instead.

Page navigation between the two devices is also different here. The Kindle Voyage allows you to navigate pages by applying pressure to the sides of the case whereas the Kindle Oasis has opted to remain with the traditional touchscreen methods of navigation.


This is arguably one of the biggest differences between the devices. Owning the more compact Kindle Oasis does come at a high price tag compared to the Kindle Voyage.  It’s worth looking on the Amazon website for the latest prices as these can change frequently.

Which one comes out on top? 

Personally, unless the size and weight of the device is crucial to you, then I would recommend the Kindle Voyage. It shares a number of common features with the Kindle Oasis but is almost $100 cheaper than its counterpart.

Well hopefully you’ve found this article useful and would love to get your feedback.

Need more info on either device? You can read my in depth review of the Kindle Voyage here  and the Kindle Oasis here

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Jacob Schilling

Thanks for the comparison. I myself have yet to get any type of reading device, I am pretty old school and usually just hit the books. I can see the benefits however in having one of these devices. Having all your books in one place makes for a lot less need to have things organized. Technology is getting so powerful these days, it is unreal.

Nov 30.2017 | 10:22 pm


    Hi Jacob,

    Thanks for your comment and glad you found it useful. It took me a while to get used to moving away from traditional books but once I did, it opened up a whole range of benefits I’d never considered before. I usually carry a few books on the device when going on holiday as I know I’ll get through them and never have to worry about luggage allowance on planes again!



    Dec 03.2017 | 05:44 am


Hmmm.. I’m just wondering why the bigger Voyage is cheaper than the Oasis? It looks a bit odd to me, considering the bigger sized mobile devices are always more expensive than their smaller models (e.g Iphone plus, galaxy note).

On another note, do you know how long the battery capacity of both kindle models can last?

Dec 13.2017 | 11:12 pm


    Good question to ask. In the past we’ve also seen this trend with mobile devices where smaller is better to the point where they became ridiculously small in size. Then the reversed happened where bigger was better in everyone’s eyes. I think longer term we’ll see this trend too with EReaders.

    In terms of battery capacity you can expect a few weeks to a month depending on usage. There’s also some tips to make the battery last longer such as putting the device into flight mode, reducing adaptive brightness features etc to stretch out the battery.

    Let me know if you’ve got anymore questions



    Dec 14.2017 | 06:11 am

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