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Today I’m providing some top ticks and tricks for those people who want to get the most of their Kindle’s. These are for those people who already know the basics but want to get a little more out of their favorite device. So let’s get started!

Making your battery life go further

Kindle’s are certainly packed with a lot of features, although these can come at a cost when you want to get as much juice out of your device as possible. The first tip here is to reduce your brightness level to the minimum you’re comfortable reading with. Obviously this will depend on whether you’re reading at day or night. A lot of users will increase the brightness at night and then forget to bring it down during the daytime as it’s quite hard to tell in direct sunlight.

The second key tip here is to put your device into flight mode for the majority of it’s usage. Whilst reading you’re not going to need the Wifi or 3G to download more books as you’re already reading one!

Getting the most out of the 3G service abroad

For those of you who have purchased the 3G version of your Kindle here’s a top tip. Not only can you use this 3G service to download books whilst you’re on holiday but you can use the web browser too! This saves on heavy roaming charges if you were using your phone to browse the web.

Definitely worth considering when you need to catchup on the news or even Facebook.

Want to read 8000 books for free?

That’s right! If you’re a little strapped for cash or are interested to see if your next book can be a freebie then head over there here. Amazon’s is allowed to publish books for free which are out of copyright. This includes some of the greats such as Les Misérables, David Copperfield and so many more. Definitely worth taking a look when you’re look for your next read

Max brightness shortcut

On the Kindle paperwhite  you can use this top trick. When in the brightness setting screen, simply hold your finger down on the (+) icon for a few seconds and you’ll get the maximum brightness setting. You can do the converse by holding down the (-) icon

Font adjustment shortcut

Whilst reading if you use the pinch out and pinch in gestures on the device (similar to how you use Google Maps), this will load the font size screen. This allows you to change this easily without having to go into the settings screen.

Add some variety to your Kindle

On the later versions of Kindle’s such as the Paperwhite, or the Voyage you can add some additional functionality by downloading apps and games from the Amazon site here. The range is a little limited but they can offer that extra variety in relaxation when you need a break from reading.

Some sample games include: Solitaire, New York Crosswords and Chess


So there you have it! Hopefully these will enhance your reading experience and feel free to share any tips you’ve picked up along the way.

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My name is James and I'm the founder on I wanted to create a site that makes it easy for people to choose what's the right EReader for them out of the hundreds of choices though writing in-depth reviews and guides.



Wow what a great post, thanks for the awesome tips, how to save battery life in particular. I’m always forgetting to turn the brightness down and running out of juice. Cheers bro

Dec 03.2017 | 12:17 pm


    Hi Mike,
    You’re very welcome and glad you found it useful!
    Let me know if you have any further questions.

    Dec 04.2017 | 05:36 am


Hi James, great tip on using the flight mode to save battery as a default if you do not need the wifi to download more books. Great hack and easy to adopt. From my naivety, I did not know Kindle includes games. Definitely something worth to check for a Christmas present 🙂 Thanks.

Dec 07.2017 | 01:33 pm


    Hi JL,

    Glad you found the tips useful and will keep my eye out for more as I learn about these devices. The games are a nice addon when you need a little distraction from reading. Happy Christmas shopping!



    Dec 10.2017 | 09:11 am

Healthy Freelancers

Hey James,
These are some awesome tips! I was curious, I’ve got the old school kindle with no backlight or games or really anything. I was wondering if you think it’s worth it to upgrade to a newer model or should I just keep chugging along with my old faithful? Thank you for your help and keep it up!

Jan 04.2018 | 06:57 am


    Hi there,

    Glad you found it useful! Very good question. EReaders have moved on leaps and bounds since the first generation devices so it might be worth browsing some of my reviews to see if some of the new features appeal to you. 

    Some of these include

    – Being waterproof

    – Social media integration

    – Borrowing books from the library

    – Back-light support

    Any questions let me know



    Jan 09.2018 | 07:11 am


Hi, I keep seeing check to see if you have a book stuck whilst downloading as my brand new paperwhite battery doesn’t seem to last hours rather than weeks, I’ve done all the other things but want to try that one but don’t know how. Thank you

Sep 09.2021 | 10:30 am


    Hi Daphne,
    Thanks for getting in touch and if I’m reading this right you’ve got two issues around downloading and battery life issues. Given the device is brand new then this doesn’t sound right and I’d get in touch with Amazon to see if you can get a replacement. Let me know how you get on.

    Sep 13.2021 | 09:05 pm

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