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So you’ve just bought a shiny new Kindle Paperwhite and can’t be bothered to read the 40+ page manual on getting up and running? This article is definitely for you. It’ll give you enough fundamentals to get you competent on the majority of basic tasks. I’ve also a link to the full manual at the bottom of the article.


Getting onto the wifi so you can get going

You will need a wifi connection in order to set up your Amazon Kindle account set up and link your device to Amazon.


  1. Press the menu button
  2. Select turn wifi on
  3. Then enter the settings menu
  4. Select Wifi networks
  5. Find the network you wish to join and select join
  6. You’ll need the password for the network if it’s password 


Then you’re connected! Once connected you’ll be able to download books, browse the web and so much more. The first thing you’ll need to do is register your device so that Amazon knows where to download Ebooks to once you have purchased them.


How to buy EBooks

There are basically two methods to purchase EBooks; from the Amazon Website or on the device itself. My personal preference is to use the site as it’s generally easier to navigate than trying to search for books on the device.


From the Amazon Website:

  1. Load the Amazon Website
  2. Type the name of the book you wish to purchase
  3. Navigate through the purchase journey until your order has been confirmed
  4. Enable Wifi on the Kindle device and it will download your new purchase automatically


On the device itself:

  1. Ensure the Wifi has been enabled on your device
  2. On the home screen click the cart Icon
  3. From here you will be able search for books as well as categories
  4. Find the book you want and click buy (no payment will info will be needed as the device is linked to your Amazon account)
  5. The book will be download automatically as you’re connected to the wfii


Page navigation

The device is touch screen enabled so feel free to get your grubby fingers all over it! To navigate pages:


  1. Open up on your books via the home screen
  2. To navigate to the next page, press lightly on the right hand side of the screen
  3. The page will flash briefly and as if by magic, you’re on the next page!
  4. To navigate to the previous page, press lightly on the left hand side of the screen
  5. Once again, another miracle will be performed in front of your eyes


Charging the device

It’s pretty straightforward to charge the device. Simply plug it in using the USB cable and plug provided. The device can be off or on whilst charging and has a battery status indicator to show you progress. It can take a few hours to charge but if the device is not used too heavily then it will last a month.


So there you have it! You’ve now go the basics which will allow you to enable the wifi, purchase a book and read it! This should be more than enough to get you by whilst relaxing by the pool, reading your favourite novel. Once you’ve mastered these, feel free to dive into the manual where you can learn about adjusting font sizes, cloud storage and using the experimental browser.


You can find the full manual here


I’d love your feedback on this article so I can make it more useful for beginners.


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Nice article! I love reading. I’ve not owned a Kindle device, however, I do have the Kindle Fire and use the Kindle Android app quite a bit.

I found this article to be a concise summary of the instructions required to get going on a Kindle device. I wish they had these when I was in school, but that was a long time ago and a whole other story. haha

One important point everyone should know about the batteries (lithium-ion) that come with our devices. I’ve heard that it’s the “leaving the device plugged in after it has fully charged” that causes the battery to begin to fail. These batteries do better with frequent charges that are not necessarily to 100%.

Thanks for sharing this information.

Nov 30.2017 | 02:49 am


    Hi Kevin,

    Glad you found the article useful and glad you shared the info regarding the leaving of batteries in. That’s great info to add to my knowledge as well as to the rest of the readers. Hope you’re enjoying the Kindle fire but if you ever fancy a chance am always here to discuss options!



    Nov 30.2017 | 03:06 am

Steve & Kris

Seems easy enough, thanks for the quick tutorial. This sure makes me wonder why there is a 40+ page owners manual. Well, I am sure they cover other stuff too, but at least this will help get us started. I just bought a Paperwhite for my wife for her birthday, I will have her read this when it arrives this week. Do you know how long it will take for a full charge? Also, do you know how long the charge will last?

Dec 14.2017 | 12:31 am


    HI Steve,

    Congrats on your Kindle purchase! Yeah the 40+ plus manual does contain a lot of fluff in there where you will need the info occasionally (e.g. warranty info, detailed device specifications etc) so you should be able to get up and running easily with the above guide.

    For your first charge it’s likely to be a few hours (can be up to 8) to get to the full charge. Once you’re up and running you can expect a few weeks to a month if you stretch the battery by keeping the device on flight mode and turn off some of the additional features through the settings.

    Good luck with the Kindle and let me know if you need anymore help



    Dec 14.2017 | 06:15 am

Billie Grymes

Is there a Kindle Paperwhite guide for Dummies? I love this thing, but it frustrates me when it skips pages or goes back to what I’ve already read. I’ve downloaded several books from South Texas Library Cooperative that have opened to the end of the book and show that I have read it and rated it. How do I go back to page 1 without paging all the way back (which it doesn’t always let me do)? Is there a way to find a specific page?

Apr 27.2020 | 07:28 pm


    Hi Billie,
    So Amazon have done a pretty good job in their manual actually and although it’s fairly long, you can click on the contents page to jump to individual sections:

    To answer your specific question:
    Go To item on the reading toolbar, accessible by
    tapping the top of the screen. The Contents tab displays the book’s contents, including Beginning,
    End, and Chapters

    Good luck and let me know how you get on

    Apr 30.2020 | 10:11 pm

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