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So you’re planning to purchase an EReader or recently have an not sure about it’s capabilities? Then this guide is for you. By the end of the article you’ll have a good grasp of EReader features, where to buy Ebooks from and a set of recommendations you may wish to explore.


So What Can You Do With EReaders?

Formats they can consume

Well their primary purpose is to read books but these day they come with a lot more features. For example, with the Kindle Paperwhite not only can you read Ebooks but you can also open Word Documents and PDF’s that you can email to the device. So if you’re inclined, you can always read the important work report whilst chilling out by the pool sipping your favourite cocktail. You also don’t need to install any special software onto to the device to support this, it just works!


Storage capacity

So I know you like nothing more than filling your suitcase with all those romance novels but there is a better way! EReader devices these days can store hundreds, if not thousands of books on one single device which weighs less than a can of baked beans. This has the tremendous advantage of not having to decide which book to take on holiday, take them all!


Some of their special features

All EReaders are not created equal. For example, if you own the [urlink id=”785″] then you can throw it into a swimming pool for up to an hour and then fish it out to carry on reading (disclaimer, make sure the ports have the protected seal attached to them or you will be disappointed). The Kindle Paperwhite allows you to set reading challenges for your kids and reward them with badges. [urlink id=”786″] has adaptive blue light functionality which allows you to read for longer at night.


Knowing what extra features your device has will ensure you have the most enjoyable reading experience possible. What can your EReader device do? I’d love to know! If you haven’t purchase your device yet and would like to know more about them click on the homepage to find out in depth reviews on a number of devices.


How long does the battery life last and how can I get the most out of it?

Typically EReaders can last from days to up to a month on a single charge, depending on how you’re using them and what features you have enabled.


Things like having the WI-FI enabled all the time will make a significant impact. The same goes for any of the devices which change the brightness level based on your surroundings. It’s worth exploring your device’s settings page as a lot of things are enabled by default which you may or may not have preference to use.


For those of you more tech savvy, it might be worth joining forums for your specific device for more tips and tricks in this area.


You’re going to need some protection

So despite all the advances in technology, your device is not indestructible. I’d highly recommend investing in screen protectors and cases to ensure your device lasts as long as possible. You can find some of my recommendations here

Amazon cases

Kobo cases


Some companies do offer replacements if the device is still within warranty but it’s worth checking with your EReader provider before you go skydiving with in your hand.


Where to buy books and How

There are a few ways that you can purchase Ebooks:

  • On the device
  • On the device manufacturer’s site (e.g. Amazon)
  • Download free EBooks


On the device

Each EReader device has some kind of online store which you can access books from. Amazon for example has the Kindle store. These stores contain thousands of books to choose from ranging on every topic you can imagine. Most EBook stores allow you to preview the book before you buy. This involves downloading the first couple of chapters to see if you get hooked. Nothing worse than paying for a EBook that you can’t get into.


This is certainly the most effective method to use if you know exactly which EBook you wish to buy. If you’re wanting to browse I’d recommend the next option below. The device experience will take you from selecting to a book to it being on your device to read.


The device manufacturer’s website (e.g. Amazon)

This is my preferred method when I’m not sure what I want to purchase next. The site on a laptop does offer a more intuitive experience when browsing through thousands of books. If you do decide to purchase via their website, the book will seamlessly download to the device when you next connect it to WI-FI.


Free EBooks

Yes that’s right! There are EBooks available for free.


Some sites available are:


There choice is a little more limited to the store but they can certainly provide you wish some EBooks you wouldn’t normally go for.


Some recommendations

For those of you yet to have purchased your device or looking for the next one here are some recommendations:thumbs up

Good all-rounder device at a reasonable price: [urlink id=”780″] | Read My Review

Size of the screen is everything: [urlink id=”786″] | Read My Review

The lightest EReader on the market: [urlink id=”784″] | Read My Review



So there you have it! Hopefully this article has removed some of the confusion around EReaders and what they’re capable of. Would love to hear you feedback and if you have any questions, feel free to add a comment. Until next time



My name is James and I'm the founder on I wanted to create a site that makes it easy for people to choose what's the right EReader for them out of the hundreds of choices though writing in-depth reviews and guides.


Sharon Whyte

Hi James,
I think these EReaders are fantastic. To think they can store hundreds of books is quite amazing really! Books can be very heavy to lug around. I love reading when I am on holidays especially so this is when an EReader would come in very handy – especially the fact they weigh so little. Good info!

Aug 21.2017 | 01:58 pm


    Hi Sharon,

    Glad to hear you found the info useful and couldn’t agree more on the weight aspect. I remember the days when that was a reality! Feel free to shout out if you have any questions.



    Aug 21.2017 | 09:40 pm

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