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Protecting Yourself Online

Hello all. This post is quite different from my typical EReader reviews and recommendations but given the rise of online scams due to Covid 19 I felt the need to warn my fellow readers.

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What Are The Best EBook Readers of 2019?

So as we’re heading towards the end 2019 I thought it would be a good time to take a step back and look at what the year has brought us so far in terms

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Amazon Kindle Accessories – What’s The Must Haves In 2018 From Across The World

So you’ve just brought your brand spanking new Kindle EReader and now you want to accessorize the hell out of it. Where do you start? With thousands of cases of various types, hundreds of

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Amazon Kindle Books Store – A Physical Reality

Today I’m focusing on something a little different. Rather than a specific EReader, I’m taking a look at Amazon’s physical stores and how they can help you make a decision on which EReader you

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New Site Design Launched!

Hello All, Just a quick post today letting users know that the site design has been upgraded to give a more visual inspiring experience as well make it look a bit more modern than

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Amazon Kindle Daily Deals – And Other Great Discounts!

Today I’m giving you the lowdown on what Amazon daily deals are as well as some other great offers to keep an eye out to get the best offer for Kindle electronics as well

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Kindle Paperwhite Troubleshooting Guide – Let’s Fix Your Kindle!

So 99% of the time your Kindle Paperwhite is working fine but every now and then you come across an issue with it that you can’t seem to resolve. I wanted to create this

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Kindle Tips And Tricks

Today I’m providing some top ticks and tricks for those people who want to get the most of their Kindle’s. These are for those people who already know the basics but want to get

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Kindle Paperwhite Instructions

So you’ve just bought a shiny new Kindle Paperwhite and can’t be bothered to read the 40+ page manual on getting up and running? This article is definitely for you. It’ll give you enough

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How To Use An EBook Reader

So you’re planning to purchase an EReader or recently have an not sure about it’s capabilities? Then this guide is for you. By the end of the article you’ll have a good grasp of

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