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Kindle Fire 7 Review – Wow That’s Cheap!

Howdy folks. Today I’m reviewing something a little different and that’s the Fire 7 Tablet from Amazon. Not your standard traditional EReader but still shows promise in this area for the price point. Released

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by james | 6:00 pm

Amazon Kindle 2019 Review – Changing The Landscape

Today I’m looking Amazon’s latest budget Kindle which was released April 2019. Amazon have created something special here as not only is an EReader jam packed full of features, but is affordable to most.

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by james | 8:16 am

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review – It’s A Game Changer

So today I’m taking a look at the brand new Kindle Paperwhite which was released towards the end of 2018. This is the 10th Generation Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon. Packed with features such as

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by james | 8:15 am

New Kindle Oasis: Champagne Gold Edition – My Two Cents

So Amazon have come up with another first for their new Kindle Oasis. A Champagne Gold Kindle Oasis! They’ve broken the ranks of traditional Black and White EReaders with this rather colourful edition. My

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by james | 2:37 am

Kindle Oasis 2017 Review

Today I’m taking a look at the brand new Kindle Oasis which was released in October 2017. It’s been a while since Amazon has released another Kindle and It looks like they’ve gone all

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by james | 9:33 pm

Best Ereaders For 2017

Today I’m revealing my best EReaders for 2017 as we only have a few months left to go before 2018 is upon us. These are great all purchases for those of you wanting to

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by james | 7:41 am

Kindle Voyage Review

Intro Today I’m reviewing the Kindle Voyage from Amazon which was released October 2014. I’m going to be focusing on its special features and comparing it against some of the other established EReaders in

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by james | 10:44 pm

Amazon Oasis Review

Let’s take a look at Amazon’s flagship reading device, the Kindle Oasis. The device was released April 2016 so it’s the latest in a long generation of successful Kindle devices. Special Features A nice

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by james | 8:45 pm

Kindle Paperwhite Review

Let’s take a look at Amazon’s 2016 Kindle Paperwhite which was released late June 2016.  I’m going to be focusing of it’s size, weight, the UI and usually the most important point, the price.

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