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Kindle VS IPad – Who Wins?

Today’s post is a little different. After a few requests I’ve decided to write a piece comparing Amazon Kindle’s to IPads to see what’s the right one for you. I’m focusing specifically on The

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Sony Ereader VS Amazon Kindle

Today I’m looking at comparing Sony EReaders against the impressive competition which is Amazon Kindle’s. The sample Sony device product I’m comparing against is that Sony Prs – T3 which was Sony’s last line

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Nook VS Kindle Comparison

Today I’m weighing up the pros and cons of the Nook’s and the Kindle’s so you can make the right choice when deciding which device is best for you for long term reading. I’ll

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Kindle VS Tablet Reading

Today I’m taking a look at some of the key differences between using tablets vs the Kindle when making choices around which is the best device to use for your long term reading pleasure.

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Kobo Aura One VS Kindle Oasis

Today I’ll be doing a comparison between Kobo Aura One and the Kindle Oasis to see which one comes out on top, so you can get the facts if you can’t chose between the

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Kindle Voyage VS Kindle Oasis

Today I’m making a like for like comparison between the Amazon Kindle Voyage and the Kindle Oasis so you can get the facts if you can’t chose between the two. If you own either

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Kindle Paperwhite
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Nook Glowlight Plus VS Kindle Paperwhite, The Review

In today’s digital generation, technology already plays a significant part in the daily lifestyle of the millions of people all over the world. In connection to this, among the most in demand technology innovations

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