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Today I’m revealing my best EReaders for 2017 as we only have a few months left to go before 2018 is upon us. These are great all purchases for those of you wanting to get your kids into reading more as well as those big kids who want a new toy to play with. So let’s jump in!

#3 – Kobo Aura One

Coming in at number 3 is [urlink id=”785″]. What I love about this device is that it breaks the mould when it comes to the size of the device. It dwarf’s other EReaders with its 7.8 inch screen compared to the standard 6 inch screens of similar devices. The fact that it’s waterproof too also makes it help stand out from the crowd. Another nice addition is the natural light feature which adapts as you read throughout the day.

For those of you who want to read more about it you can read my in depth review here


#2 – Amazon Kindle Oasis

In second place we have the [urlink id=”784″] which is pretty much different in every way to the Kobo Aura One. We have an EReader which is tiny compared to its counterparts. Just 5.5 inches, it’s sole aim is to be easily held one handed, which it excels at. The size also means it’s the lightest EReader on the marketplace, weighing in at just 131 grams. Most other EReader’s are averaging around the 200 gram mark. It’s certainly a little on the pricey side but then you get what you pay for. Take a look at my in depth review here

#1 – Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

In at number one it’s my favorite all rounder EReader. The [urlink id=”780″] which combines a powerful UI, a range of features and all for a reasonable price. Some of these include the ability to set reading targets for your kids, the 3G edition that allows you to download Ebooks abroad and the ability to find out more about the Author when you’re reading the book. Need to know more about this EReader? Take a look at my in depth review of the Kindle Paperwhite on my site.


So there you have my top 3 EReaders for 2017. Hope this article has narrowed down the choice for your next EReader purchase! Own any of these devices? I’d love to hear your feedback.

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