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So you’ve just brought your brand spanking new Kindle EReader and now you want to accessorize the hell out of it. Where do you start? With thousands of cases of various types, hundreds of plugs and adaptors and a wide arrange of items that are just gimmicks it can feel like a bit of a nightmare. This post is to help guide you through what great accessories you need for your Kindle and what you don’t. I’ve focused on the Kindle Paperwhite and and Kindle Oasis which are the most popular these days.


Cases, Covers and Sleeves

So the last thing you’re going to what to happen to your Kindle is getting screen or the outer shell

Damaged in your bag on your way to your next relaxing holiday. There are a variety of styles out there with each having their pros and cons that I’ll walk you through now.



So cases come in all shapes and styles but the main aim of these is to make you EReader, shockproof, dust-proof, waterproof and basically bomb proof. The example I’ve included here basically is that. So if you’re feeling a little accident prone with your new Kindle then would recommend something hardy like this.

This Case Will Take Anything You Throw At It


So if you’re not planning to go skydiving or 10,000 leagues under the sea with your Kindle then you’re probably looking for something a bit more stylish. The focus is definitely fashion over functionality here so that when you’re in you local coffee house unwinding with a book, you can do it style. The key difference between cases and covers is that covers have a lid where as cases still have the screen exposed (and may sometimes require an additional screen protector to give a full level of protection)



Sleeves are different again. They tend to be more tighter fitting than covers but also have more design flare than cases. Zips are also optional here as it’s ease of access is key here whereas the covers strap the Kindle in with a number of bands on each corner


Skins are not designed for protection. They designed to make your EReader look awesome so it’s likely you would need a combination of a Skin and cover, case or sleeve. You stick the skins onto the Kindle so that it covers all of the grey to make your EReaders pop. I’ve included a skin that really does transform your Kindle into something from another world!

On Amazon there are also the option where you can send your photo to a third party and they will create a custom skin for you. More details can be found here

Plugs and Chargers

So although the Kindle Paperwhite and Oasis come with a plug to charge your device, you’re probably going to need a little more flexibility here. For example, what if you need to charge the Kindle in the car? Or You’re travelling abroad and are worried the battery will run out before you get to that final page! Amazon have got some great options to solve these problems. I’ve included a couple of links below for you to check out:

Protection Plans

So despite your best efforts to protect your Kindle from every eventuality, there are simply some people who are just a little more accident prone than others. This is where Amazon Kindle projection plans come in. The premise is that for a fixed fee, your device is covered for a period of 1,2 or 3 years from any kind of damage. They will send you up to 3 replacements for the time period you sign up, no questions asked. You can find out more details [here] but for me it’s a no brainer as they’re really inexpensive plans.




Ever had that situation where you’re trying to make a cake from a recipe book and your book stand is just not up to the task? It’s really frustrating when the page keeps flipping over or the book falls of the stand altogether. Well thankfully that issue has been solved with EReader stands. There’s no more awkward page flipping, simply tap the side of the screen and you’re onto the next page. Stands are also a great option if you’re lying on the beach and don’t want to hold the EReader all of the time. These stands are also pretty robust so you won’t need to worry about the Kindle falling out.


So that’s my definitive guide to what accessories you’re going to need for your Kindle Oasis and Paperwhite. I hope you’ve found it useful and if there is anything missing feel free to leave a comment below. A final thought to leave you with. If you’re willing to invest in buying an EReader you really should spend the extra dough to protect it.


Until next time



My name is James and I'm the founder on I wanted to create a site that makes it easy for people to choose what's the right EReader for them out of the hundreds of choices though writing in-depth reviews and guides.



I really enjoyed learning all the different items that you can choose from for your Kindle.
I don’t own one myself, but if I ever do get one, I like the fact that I can change it up. I like the way the covers look and that it has a lid for it.
The skins are pretty cool too. The designs that you showed look really amazing.
Does the case just come in one color or are there other colors to choose from and is it waterproof? If my husband ever got one I would definitely have to go with the case. It seems to protect the best.

Sep 12.2018 | 12:59 pm


    HI Sherry,

    Thanks very much for the comment and glad you enjoyed the post. So with a lot of the generic cases (e.g. solid colour) you can pick and chose which colour you want. Unfortunately most cases are not waterproof and you have to buy a specific one. The alternative is to buy an EReader which is waterproof such as the new Kindle Oasis. If you have any further questions, please let me know.



    Sep 21.2018 | 09:25 pm

Anthony Little

Hey James, I enjoyed the article on Kindle accessories. I had mine about a year now but I never really thought of given my kindle a new look, until I can across your post. You have shared some great information that I will be looking forward to purchasing for my kindle. Thanks for this great article.

Sep 15.2018 | 08:28 am


    HI Anthony,

    Thanks for the comment and glad I provided some inspiration for you! If you have any further questions on the accessories, please let me know.



    Sep 21.2018 | 09:26 pm


Good looking website definitely a good place to stop right before purchasing some merchandise on AMAZON!!

Sep 18.2018 | 04:37 am


    HI Mascal,
    Thanks very much for the feedback and glad you enjoyed the site. Hopefully I was able to narrow down some of your choices to make things a little easier. Happy shopping!

    Sep 21.2018 | 09:25 pm


Love your website. Clean, easy to read, good pictures. Well done!

Sep 26.2018 | 05:56 pm


    Hi Morgan,
    Thanks very much for for the feedback, it really does make all the difference!
    Please let me know if you have any questions of would like me to review specific products and would be happy to help.

    Oct 01.2018 | 09:55 am

Mike Viray

The Kindle is a pretty sweet piece of tech and as an investment it would definitely be wise to protect it from damage. Personally though I’d prefer a sleeve or pouch for protection, as I only use cases on phones. A heftily-padded pouch would be my protection of choice.

Nice list!

Oct 01.2018 | 08:17 am


    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your comment and good to hear user preferences on this topic! At least with the pouches you’ve got easy access to remove it from the EReader. Glad to you enjoyed the post and let me know if you have any questions.



    Oct 04.2018 | 08:58 am


This is a great overview of products for the Kindle! I would be completely lost without my Kindle!
I never travel without it!
I noticed one product on there I really liked, it was the Atlas style cover. My cover is getting a bit worn and tattered.
I bookmarked this page and I’m gonna hint to my wife for my birthday! LOL
Keep up the good work, and keep your Kindle charged!
Best wishes

Oct 04.2018 | 03:44 am


    Hi Mike,

    Glad you liked the post! I’m the same, my Kindle goes everywhere rather than lugging heavy books in my suitcase. The Atlas cover is a great choice sounds like a great birthday gift to get! Let me know if you have any further questions and happy to help!



    Oct 06.2018 | 03:03 am


I love that map cover. That would be my choice for a Kindle. 

I’ve had a couple kindles in the past and both ended up smashed, thanks to kids. Amazon was great about helping with them, but since I live in Guatemala, I couldn’t get replacements. Darn it. Someday, I may try again. These are awesome accessories, though and I wish I’d had them back when I had my Kindles!

Oct 08.2018 | 10:20 pm


    Hi Genesis, really sorry to hear about your smashed Kindles. Sometimes kids and tech don’t mix :). Hopefully Amazon has now expanded their reach since your initial purchase so replacements would be possible. Well if you need a hand buying another one happy to answer any questions.



    Oct 26.2018 | 09:25 am

Laura Endahl

I love my Kindle.  I have a cover on mine.  I usually keep it in the bedroom on my night stand, but the cover works well for me when I go to the beach.

Isn’t it funny how we all like to accessorize when we get a new gadget??

Thanks for the infoLaura

Oct 08.2018 | 10:23 pm


    Hi Laura,

    Thanks for the comment. I always find it interesting to hear about how people use their EReaders and accessories they have. Let me know if you have any questions.



    Oct 27.2018 | 04:35 am

Wesley McCoy

I happened to be looking at kindle lately and this happened to be just the thing that I was looking for. It was going to be a gift for my mom but I didn’t know all that a kindle would need. I guess it’s just like any other cell phone lol. 

Thanks for making my life much easier.

Oct 08.2018 | 10:24 pm


    Hi Wesley,

    Thanks for the comment and glad you found it useful. Let me know if you have any further questions.



    Nov 03.2018 | 10:37 pm


Hi James,

Your post highlighting the accessories for the kindle was very informative. There were a few things I did not know I could get. I don’t personally own a kindle but I have family members that do. I thought the insurance policy was a must have. But how would it work when I am buying it for someone else? I would like to buy everyone in my family that owns a kindle, the insurance policy. I also liked the idea that you can get a custom skin made. I an a photographer and different relatives have asked for some of my photo art. I could give them a custom kindle skin if the own a kindle. The last item that I thought would be really handy is the different plugs available for charging in different countries. Again were are a family of travellers so this would be handy to own. Thanks for all the information, Christmas shopping never got easier.


Oct 08.2018 | 10:29 pm


    Hi Mary,

    Thanks for the feedback on the post and glad you found it helpful, A great question you asked about the insurance policies and how that works for friends and family. So you would  make sure they have the EReader first and then you purchase the policy under your name. Once you’ve done this you can then transfer this to another person according to the insurance company:

    Happy Christmas shopping!



    Nov 26.2018 | 08:57 am

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